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  • Congratulations!

    Defense Grid Update 1
    First to milestone 1 - Achi
    First to milestone 2 - Navossoc
    First to milestone 3 - Woppyce, Kalias
    First to milestone 4 - Woppyce, Ariel Faith Plate
    First to milestone 5 - Trojax2010
    First to milestone 6 - Kalias, kontroll, MOOMANiBE, LordNed, lazerlow, bloocheese565, Dougley, et al.
    First to milestone 7 - lazerlow - Congratulations!
    First to milestone 8 - Ariel Faith Plate, Hirschquadrat, Polaris, Wobble

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    Defense Grid Update 2
    Milestone 1 - Ninjai, Gamefreak, Dilettante, truck
    Milestone 2 - Ninjai, team #valvearg2-DG
    Milestone 3 - Deride - nice way to solve it, completely didn't see that , jetuser with the assist
    Milestone 4 - CONGRATULATIONS! The 100 of you should stay ready for processing in the next few days...
    Milestone 5 - MOOMANiBE
    Good job #valvearg2-DG! (Sophia for the DB form, b3rk for the google doc, pickle for his ability to find recruits)

    BanChou 1,1,2,3,5,8.. Kalias Fjorkin DarkFlame armante Mikel S. nucleophilicity Draven Baconman
    linFox Enduro Cat Planet Gus the Crocodile xhileno EvilHolyGuy BY2K Eraysor MitchEvious
    come the rubber pig Coranico Discrider Sharkinu Redh3ad GVBN Knas Nobody ccino TG_Judgment
    Ryonez Channel Ten Kernon Napy Da Wise DeathWish808 nazghal Potato Nameless DragonNinja Higgins
    Hobocannibal The Noodle Incident Shih Tzu Fatal Error Eagle Eye etc pcl219 reininop sherman113 one5th
    The Mourning Dove Menace snipeman2512 Milla jovovich buboe godprobe fallen warden unreauniverse lattyware
    joshbox houli deion duncans_pumpkin subman rocketjesus ch1||p1|| CheeseGamer kn2nja noxxit ICS
    lobster Johnson zer0blivion king.somnus SuperNewb Gentlefood Sir Program Mooninites
    Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love Alteffor Max Mayhem lifenoodles Baha Szilard jetuser Warrior Kirbinator {Leib}CMS Dakoman Threep Ryau Film11 Kn1nja The inevitable Fishmonger Taerix Stylpe Salty KOS-MOS Pyrrhus Qazi
    Sorcerer Supreme A Well Dressed Young Man The Leithal Weapon RedSnt Athenor Visi TenebrousNight
    Duke_Jarlsberg Hank Hill Rive Sophie Celidat

    Special thanks as well: isnipeyoudie, chaotix, lattyware- keeping people up to date
    truck- awesome guy
    leveraged - moderation
    ymgve - people appreciated your help
    carolus - explaining DG
    all the patient people helping others "beat" stones.

    Do you see what I did there when I typed beat? I put it in quotes. YES I DID.


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      We are processing the applicant list... please stand by for a day or two...

      Congratulations on all you've found!

      Note: I did not say phase 3 starts tomorrow.
      Note 2: The Echo that just was on gamesurge isn't me :P
      Note 3: Nice, Masum- I wondered when someone would figure that out!
      Note 4: Alas, alas- so sass, do assume user airs


      • #4
        Update 3
        Milestone 1: NettleTea, recruiting MOOMANiBE!
        Milestone 2: Wobble
        Milestone 3: Wobble
        Milestone 4: Congrats to all of #valvearg2-DG! Jesrerr made the final leap.
        One more coming soon.

        Note: If you beat super_tonylanche in less than 5 moves (say, because you kept restarting it until you got a really easy board), the password it gives won't work. Sorry!


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          Defense Grid - all milestones complete. Congratulations, everyone! It's been a pleasure.

          Defense grid patch - fixes 'recruit' (now you just need to run it on the same computer you earned a silver medal in the GLaDOS level), and the blank lines in the mutation game. You don't need to recruit anyone anymore- it's just for potatoes.