10 Achievements in 10 Minutes

10 Achievements in 10 Minutes

Now that Defense Grid 2 is here, it’s time to go hunting – achievement hunting! For all you achievement hunters out there, here are 10 achievements you can earn in Defense Grid 2 all in under 10 minutes.

First Blood
Kill 1 Alien.

Kill 100 Aliens.

Thanks For Playing!
Earn Bronze on a Single Player Mission.

Field Promotion
Earn a Silver (or better) Medal.

Flawless Victory
Earn a Gold Medal.

Salvage Rights
Kill an alien boss creature. (Juggernaut, Rumbler, Turtle, or Crasher).

Happy Returns
Recover a loose core.

Hey! That’s Mine!
Kill an alien carrying a power core.

Yellow Beats Green
Upgrade a level 1 tower to a level 2 tower.

Use the reload checkpoint option.

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