Epic Weekend

Titan or Airship?

Last weekend Brass Tactics players cast their ballots for the mightiest of the mighty, the Epic units.  Do you love the giant, walking menace of the Titans, or the majestic battlefield savior, the Airship?  To add incentive, we said that the more Titans or Airships you built, the more chances you’d get to win a pack of sweet VR games from Hidden Path!  So how did this all shake out?

Before we begin, we want to give a very special shout out to our top 2 builders over this past weekend:  A clear lover of walking machines, Crescentburn built a massive army of 250 Titans! And on the other side, TheRealPartyCat is a player who fielded a staggering fleet of 52 airships over three days!  Thanks to all of the players who participated in the Brass Tactics Epic Weekend Sweepstakes!  

So with thousands and thousands of units built, exactly how did these Epics match up?  Well perhaps it was destiny, but in the end the Titans won out, completely obliterating the competition with 79% of the Epic units built.  There is clearly some Airship love out there, but in the end final victory goes to the Titans!

To put it all into perspective, hundreds of thousands of jewels were used to construct Titans, which then proceeded to deal more than 67,000,000 points of damage over the weekend! Congrats to the big guy!

Congratulations to the Winners!

From all the awesome people who played over the weekend, only ten lucky players could be declared winners…  Check the list below to see if you have been randomly selected to win a prize from the Brass Tactics Epic Weekend!

Each of the eligible, selected players will receive a Hidden Path Entertainment VR Bundle that includes game codes for: Brass Tactics, Witchblood, and Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition (with all content unlocked!).

How to claim your prize

To claim your prize, please send an email that verifies your eligibility to by April 21,2018.  Eligibility and rules can be found here.

Winning Players!

  • AjEgbert
  • betavive
  • BlackStool666
  • Capt_diggels
  • Carvenail
  • crazy10085
  • deltaflyer4747
  • Otalien
  • shands64
  • Ultralights

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