Brass Tactics: Full Version February 22!

Brass Tactics: Full Version February 22!

Greetings Scions!

For a while now we’ve been telling you a lot about all the cool stuff you get for the low-low price of free in Brass Tactics Arena…  which is a great way to check out the game in VR for yourself with no commitment.  We really feel that Brass is best experienced firsthand to understand how it plays and feels.  And if you decide you dig Brass Tactics and hunger for even more, there’s a great $15-off preorder price that you can still take advantage of before the full version goes officially live on February 22nd…

So, let’s say you’re all into Brass Tactics Arena and are considering pulling the trigger on the whole enchilada.  What do you get?

  • The full six-hour campaign:  We’ve created an eight-chapter single-player campaign with opponents portrayed by some great actors.  Arena lets you play the very start which introduces the basics of gameplay, but just scratches the surface.  From here on out you will meet new opponents and challenges that take you through the entire arsenal of units and a variety of locales.  With four levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Epic), the Brass Tactics campaign has a replayable, engaging experience for everyone.
  • Six Competitive maps:  Our 1v1 maps can be played against a human opponent, or against an AI personality of your choice.   These maps have a variety of layouts, sizes and strategies, and each has a different feel.  Compete with the different AI styles as you aim for a spot on the leaderboard, or as always go online and match against a friend!  There’s even a bonus map variant of BT Arena’s Timberlands map that gives each player a catapult.
  • Six Cooperative maps:  The specialized 2v1 maps will pit you and a friend against an AI.  Meet up for a relaxing match at a lower difficulty, or turn it up harder to test out your skills.
  • Three different AI personalities:  Each of our three AI opponents has a preferred set of units and playstyle that drives their choices.  Each of these can also be adjusted with one of four different difficulty levels.
  • Customized Tower Palettes:  While Arena players can choose between one of three different unit loadouts, with the full version you can customize your own army with much more flexibility.  Try your favorite Dragon and Wasp strat.  Mix Artillery and Dragons.  Save out your ultimate army in one of three custom slots.
  • Team color customization:  Pimp out your units with a variety of colors and metal trims.  Love that pink-and-chrome look?  Go for it!
  • Coliseum Duel map:  The map you see in Play While Waiting can also be played in a 9-round duel against a human or AI opponent.  Learn about each unit’s strengths and weaknesses.  Improve your micro tactical skill.  Face off for a quick five-minute duel and see who is the best during the Titan rounds!

Hey, that’s pretty cool, but what happens to Brass Tactics Arena when the full version launches in a week?  Nothing!  It will still be available and continue to be playable for free.  In fact, if you own the full version and have a friend that doesn’t have it yet, you can still play with them on Arena maps!  Or, if you play the full version at time of day when there are fewer players available, the Quickmatch feature will even find you a match against Arena players if no full version players are available (it will try its hardest to find you a full version player first, though!)  You can use your customized unit loadout and color selections against your Arena opponents, but otherwise it’s a full-fledged match like any other.  Even better, all your high scores, skill rankings and achievements you earn in Brass Tactics Arena will carry over to the full version as well.

We hope this tantalizes you and you enjoy Brass Tactics Arena enough to consider the full version.  We think you’ll have even more fun!

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