Brass Tactics Update!

Brass Tactics Update!

We’ve been hard at work on Brass Tactics since you last heard from us, polishing the game and getting it ready for its upcoming February release.

Since that time we’ve created more units, a longer campaign, customizable loadouts, more tech tree upgrades, and a massive visual upgrade.  We can’t wait for you to get your hands on it, so much so that we are opening Early Access registration for the FREE version of the game called Brass Tactics Arena.

Brass Tactics Arena is a FREE version of Brass Tactics with unlimited cooperative, competitive, and vs AI play on a single hand-detailed map.  You can register for Brass Tactics Arena Early Access here:

Brass Tactics launches in February for $39.99, but you can Pre-Order now to save $15 and reserve your copy for just $24.99


  • Customize your army with dozens of units and upgrades, each with exploitable strengths and weaknesses.
  • Embark on a 6+ hour story campaign.
  • Unlimited single player vs AI, online competitive, and online cooperative modes.
  • Discover something new every game with 20+ uniquely crafted, hand-detailed maps.
  • Test your strategies against three unique AI personalities, each with four difficulties.
  • Let the world fade away with intuitive, comfortable controls.

Solo or with a friend, it all comes down to Brass Tactics.

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