Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I know you haven’t heard much from us in a while, and its because we’ve been building things for you to play and there just hasn’t been too much time to talk about it. CS:GO has gone through 18 major weekly updates on the PC beta and we’ve learned so much with Valve, watching your metrics and studying how people play the game so we can keep working to make it better than it was before.

You know that there is a release date now and the game will be coming out August 21st, and we’re busily getting the game ready for release on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Xbox 360, and PS3), and doing everything we can to polish the game.

Meanwhile we’ve also been starting to let ourselves think about “the future” and what lays beyond CS:GO for our studio. We get your emails and requests asking for more Defense Grid: “I want more Defense Grid” they say, and sometimes it is simply that blunt.

We hear you, and have come up with some plans on how we might be able to accomplish that and I’ll be sharing those plans with you… in a bit. I know, I know, on our facebook page I said “in 2 weeks” about 4 weeks ago, and I apologize for that statement – I thought it would be true at the time. During those two weeks, some surprises took place that caused us to incorporate those surprises into our plans, and it slowed down sharing them with you, because, well, they changed a bit – but we think for the better – so we’re excited for when they’ll be ready to share.

It has been a whirlwind of activity with CS:GO development and planning for the future and the last 10 weeks or so have been so packed that even as I write this on a Saturday, I’m late for my next meeting and I need to quickly wrap this up. Let me say that we so appreciate your support of the games we make and we just continually focus on how everything we do meets the bar of it being “better for the player.”

Here’s to fun play, hopefully you get a lot of it in your life. We’ll be there to keep making it for you.

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