CS:GO Closed BETA Begins

CS:GO Closed BETA Begins

Today, at 3pm Pacific time, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive closed beta launched and thousands of folks are using their beta keys they received at PAX prime, Eurogramer Expo, or a few of the other events where the game was shown in exhibition on the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Also going live is http://www.counter-strike.net/ which is the official site for the game, and there you will find all sorts of answers to frequently asked questions that we’ve been hearing whether here at Hidden Path or at Valve.

A snippet:

“Today, CSGO starts its first stress test of our servers and a variety of client hardware.

This stress test contains a limited set of weapons, items, game modes, and functionality.

If you have a beta key, fire up the game. Join a match on a server. Give us feedback in the Steam forums.

Don’t have a key? How do you get one? Hold tight. The stress test is currently closed as we test our server and client systems.”

The #1 question asked is stated many ways, but boils down to this.

“Q) How can I get into the beta?”

The answer:

“A) The beta is currently closed. The current stress test is to test for crashes with various hardware configurations and how the servers handle the stress. The best way to get into the beta is to be active in the current Counter-Strike communities.”
So, if you’re in the beta, take advantage of that key and log a lot of playing time right now.  If you’re not in the beta, hold tight.  Valve will be letting new folks in over time, but it will be a gradual process.
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