Defense Grid 2 Kicks off!

Defense Grid 2 Kicks off!

Ok, here we go!  We’re taking a big new step and asking those of you who love Defense Grid to help us Kickstart more Defense Grid content.  We’ve heard your requests, read your emails, seen your posts, and we have been investing for a while in a brand-spanking-new Defense Grid engine with all sorts of cool features and abilities, but we don’t have enough internal financing to finish the full game development on our own.  Knowing this, we decided to approach publishers to see if they wanted to partner on a Defense Grid sequel, and while everyone we talked with got very excited about it, over time, they didn’t end up doing a deal with us as the profit model they were looking for was simply much larger than the what indies often make.

Everyone has seen what has been happening on Kickstarter with players funding games that they really want to play, and we’ve backed several of them ourselves.  I can’t wait for my own copies of DoubleFine Adventure, Wasteland 2, Shadowrun Returns, Banner Saga, Project Fedora, and several others that I’ve contributed to, and as we started getting closer to completion on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we started thinking that maybe we could turn to the fans of Defense Grid not only for funding help, but also to collaborate with during the development of the game. We want you as a partner, and making the game this way (as opposed to the more traditional approach) really energizes us as a team and gets us excited about the possibilities.

So to see if we can make both the game and the Kickstarter the best it can be, we started talking with folks out there who we could partner with on graphics technology and input to help.  The folks at AMD Gaming Evolved said they wanted in on this and so did the team at Razer, and we’re really excited about partnering with both of them on developing new Defense Grid content.  The game is going to be even better because of it.

To start with, you’ll see AMD & Razer both contributing great pledge rewards on the DG2 Kickstarter page.  The hardware rewards are limited, so make sure to reserve one with your pledge if that’s something that interests you.  Then you’ll notice our latest update to Defense Grid includes among many other things new support for the Razer SwitchBlade interface.  If you have a Razer keyboard with SwitchBlade, Defense Grid now knows about it and takes advantage of the programmable keys and touch pad.  The new DG2 engine is getting some new graphical and input features as well, and as that moves forward we’ll announce other cool results of the partnerships.

Other folks have chipped in to help out on in a big way on the Kickstarter as well, and we were thrilled when they agreed to participate and show their desire for more Defense Grid.  We can’t thank these folks enough: Randy Pitchford, Jordan Weisman, Richard Garfield, Al Lowe, David Perry, Ken Rolston and his Ruby Red Ukulele, Jason VandeBerghe, Chris Taylor, Dave Taylor (no relation to Chris – that we know of…), and Jerry Holkins.  Other luminaries have also contributed to some great video moments, and well, you’ll get to see those too, in the weeks ahead.  And, if you’re interested and perhaps also somewhat entertaining, well, you could join the list too.  Yes, honest, really.

As part of our celebration of getting players and fans more involved in our game development we’re giving away a Steam code of the existing Defense Grid game to anyone who pledges on Kickstarter and we’re sending the code to them right away, even before funding closes.  Then, everyone in the game, both current owners of the game and folks new to Defense Grid through Kickstarter, can play the existing game, get some new content updates during the next five weeks, and we can also conduct some fun contests in-game and give away some prizes too.  Again the prizes are generously provided by the folks at AMD and Razer.  We’re really excited about what our partnership with them means for you and for the game.

One of the in-game contests is around you making your own video on why you want more Defense Grid.  Not only could you win a prize, but your video might be used along with the other folks from around the game industry who have shared their desire for more Defense Grid with us. You’ll find more details about it in the game update.

So that’s how our big news starts.  How it ends is very much up to you.  If you want more Defense Grid content, please check out the Kickstarter page and see if there is a pledge level that interests you.  Also, if you have friends who love Defense Grid, make sure they know about the Kickstarter as well.  With your help, we can make a great Defense Grid sequel that sets a new standard for tower defense games.

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