Defense Grid The Board Game Announced

We’re really happy to announce that Hidden Path Entertainment has partnered with the exceptional board game designers at Forged by Geeks to bring the Defense Grid franchise to board gamer players in early 2017. We’ve already had a chance to experience some of the great prototype work underway and we’re really excited about how the board game captures some of the fun tower defense essence of the original computer and video game while creating a new and fun experience all its own.

Defense Grid the Board Game is a cooperative experience where 1 to 4 players work together to build and activate towers in an effort to stop all the aliens that are trying to steal their cores. With more than 10 maps, 9 familiar towers and more than 9 different enemies, players will need to use all their strategic senses as they fight to earn every medal in a game that combines the best of the tower defense genre with great deck building board games.

Over the next year, Forged by Geeks plans to make Defense Grid the Board Game available broadly for community interaction and feedback. Soon they will be streaming development activities and playtests on Twitch and answering your questions on their forums. Later in the year Defense Grid the Board Game will be at GenCon in the Double Exposure Playtest room for some hands-on with the community. Forged by Geeks is also working with Double Exposure to use the Envoy program to bring Defense Grid prototypes to gamers around the United States for play testing.

If you are a fan of Defense Grid or a member of the press that would like more details, you can contact Forged by Geeks through any of the following:

Twitch – Tune in @ 1pm PST, 4pm EST on Wednesday April 6th for a live stream of a prototype being played

Thanks to all of our fans and we’re looking forward to you having a ton of fun playing Defense Grid the Board Game!

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