Defense Grid, Counter-Strike, Contests and More

Defense Grid, Counter-Strike, Contests and More

Happy New Year!

I wanted to get back to the blog and give you an update on the goings-on here at Hidden Path Entertainment, so here goes.  Let’s start with a myriad of Defense Grid news.

Defense Grid: You Monster and the full bundle (Defense Grid: The Awakening, DG: Borderlands, DG: Resurgence Map Packs, and DG: You Monster) are both available on Steam and have been very popular in the month of December and January.  Thanks much for all your support!  We hope you’re really enjoyed the full chapter of GLaDOS coming to the world of Defense Grid that started back almost a year ago when Valve kindly approached us about joining the Portal 2 ARG.

The game has also been doing well on the Xbox 360 though it can be tough to find on the new dashboard.  Go to the games marketplace and search for Defense Grid as an Xbox LIVE Arcade game and you’ll see the game and the expansion content all there for you.  We’re also excited to be a “Deal of the Week” along with other top Tower Defense games on XBLA so for another few days you can get Defense Grid at a great deal on the Xbox 360.

Most of the folks playing the game on Xbox 360 are having the pristine gaming experience as was expected, but there have been a small group that are seeing repeating error messages and achievements that aren’t awarding to them, and we’ve been working closely with the folks at Microsoft to find a way to solve those issues.  We don’t have a resolution yet, but the Microsoft folks have been helpful and we’ve given them a lot of information recently so we’ll see if this doesn’t get fixed here shortly.

Starting soon, the folks at Gamefly’s Direct2Drive service will also start selling Defense Grid: You Monster and the full bundle.  So that you know, this is still the Steam version of the game, but this allows you to get it from Gamefly if that’s where you like to purchase your software.

In December we also did a UI revamp on Defense Grid with the folks at OnLive so that the game could support their new foray into playing the service on tablets.  It’s true, you can play Defense Grid on an iPad now through the OnLive streaming service, and we created a new user interface that is touch-focused and automatically appears if you play the game on the touch surface.  The OnLive folks have been raving about the interface and have even stated in the press that they think this is the best way to play the game.  We’re happy to be supporting them and will continue to keep an eye on the tablet market and see what other things we can do for these cool devices.

Congratulations also goes out to the 30 awesome folks who were randomly chosen from all the people that did a December (or earlier) like of Defense Grid’s Facebook page or Logitech’s gaming page and won either a Logitech F710 wireless gamepad, a Logitech G400 gaming mouse, or a Logitech G110 gaming keyboard.  We’ve reached out and contacted the winners on Facebook and some of the hardware is already in the mail and some of it is waiting for a response from the winners.  It turns out that the “Defense Grid” page can’t contact people, so I had to create a new account from me that is reaching out to folks.  If you’re a winner and you’ve been contacted, make sure to get back to us so we can send you your prize.

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta is underway and we’re learning a lot about the game, balance, online metrics, etc. from the beta and it’s helping us make the game better each day.  I’ll repeat what we’ve said before though about joining the beta and such (because we’re still getting emails from you), that this is something you want to talk with Valve about rather than contacting us, and definitely post anything about CS:GO over on the Steam forums rather than here.  Everyone from Hidden Path and Valve are looking over at Steam for opinions and input and the Valve folks are the ones making the calls on the growth of the beta over time. So far, just a small set of maps and weapons have been released to the beta, but more will come over time.  It has been exciting to see more and more public matches of CS:GO, the latest one being the Plantronics matches shown over at CES.

Next up, we have a small bonus coming to Defense Grid players on Steam, and we’ll be talking more about that soon.  Until then, thanks so much for all the great things you’ve been saying to your friends and colleagues about the game, we greatly appreciate it.

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