Defense Grid: You Monster Announced!

I’m so excited to share with you something we’ve been working on since the Portal 2 ARG.  Last year, the folks at Valve invited us and several other indie developers to participate in launching Portal 2 early on Steam with an Alternate Reality Game that took place with GLaDOS invading each of our games as she tried to escape and launch Portal 2.  It was amazing fun and we felt very fortunate to participate in the ARG.

Afterward, we proposed the idea of making this into a full expansion and the kind souls at Valve gave us the go-ahead and then helped us record new GLaDOS dialogue (in English, French & German). We developed a whole new story that continued past what was shown in the ARG and we can’t wait for you to be able to play it.

Oh, the Valve folks do want me to point out that while Aperature Science has loaned GLaDOS to Defense Grid for the duration of this expansion, nothing that takes place here is part of the Portal story canon. So don’t worry about making it all fit in the timeline you wikipedia entry writers.  It doesn’t.

On the content side of things, in the last day or so we’ve already released a free update on both Xbox 360 and Steam that gives your existing Defense Grid some UI updates (making it easier to see all the available challenge modes on a map and all the medals you’ve earned at a glance) and we threw in a few new game modes and over 30 new challenge missions so you have something to play “right now” while you wait for Wednesday to come.

A Steam order site should be appearing soon and you should also be able to buy it on and then have it automatically download the expansion to your Xbox 360 from the web – I think that feature is pretty cool myself.  I know I buy many XBLA titles that way.

This is an expansion, so you do need to own the original game in order to play You Monster, and I believe you’ll see some discounts and bundle opportunities to get the main game at a special price during the launch of the You Monster expansion pack if you don’t already own Defense Grid.

The expansion contains 8 new levels with a story mode and over 35 additional challenge missions and will be priced at $4.99 USD on Steam (or it’s equivalent including VAT in other territories), or 400 MS points on the Xbox 360 Marketplace.

For you Xbox 360 users, remember that there is a major dashboard update coming just before this goes out, so things will look a little different as you go to find the expansion.

We look forward to you playing the latest chapter in the Defense Grid franchise.

Protect the cores!  And Enjoy!

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