DG2 VR Launch Days Away

DG2 VR Launch Days Away

It’s less than a week until the launch of the Oculus Rift head mounted display and along with it Defense Grid 2: Enhanced VR Edition! We’re hugely excited here at Hidden Path and have been working with Oculus for a year now on massively updating, revising, and converting the game so that it can be played in a completely new and different way.

We’ve increased frame-rate over 300% and render now to a view target that is larger than a normal PC screen. We completely revamped the entire control and UI system in-game and touched almost every asset in the game. We added new exclusive levels and a new expansion story that is included with the Enhanced VR Edition and of course, we made it one of the most comfortable VR experiences available putting the in-game world in miniature in front of the player as if they are controlling a living tabletop experience.

We’ve been answering a lot of questions about working in VR and the transformation of the game and you can read all about it if you haven’t already:

We did this for an Oculus Developer Spotlight event a couple weeks ago with an AMA on Reddit that Jeff did around the game. You can read all the details here.

There also was a pre-AMA discussion here.

We released a trailer for the VR game mostly featuring new content here.

We then talked about the making of the trailer for VR – which was pretty different than trailers we’ve made before here.

We talked a lot last week at the Oculus connect event and ended up recording a podcast for the Road to VR site and the Voices of VR podcast – you can listen to 15 minutes of Jeff answering questions about the game and its VR development here.

We’ve done several other interviews and folks like Tom’s Hardware, Time magazine and Newsweek gave their impressions of the game in articles like these:

Tom’s Hardware
Time Magazine

You can check out Frequently asked questions about the game here.

And if we haven’t answered all your questions, let us know your thoughts or questions on the new DG2 VR forums here.

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