Featured Player: ksloan

Featured Player: ksloan

He says he’s “not really a gamer” but he’s logged over 2,000 hours in Defense Grid. Did we mention he’s the Bishop of Alabama?! Meet ksloan…

Where do you live?

My wife and I live in Birmingham, Alabama, in the United States.

What do you do for a living?

I am the Bishop of Alabama in The Episcopal Church, part of the Anglican Communion. I was a priest for 27 years, until I was elected Bishop about five years ago.

How long have you been playing Defense Grid?

I’ve been playing since our son, who really understands computer games and knows me well, gave the game to me for Christmas of 2009. I was immediately intrigued by the need for strategy and the notion of defending the home land.

What is your favorite map/mode?

Well, I really do like them all, but I’m especially drawn to the levels that are the most challenging. I suppose I’m not typical of game-players in that I don’t pay much attention to the scores. My favorite for right now is the level that took me the longest to beat: one of the Community levels–Central Square, the Frozen Core mode. And still I’m looking for a way to beat it so that the aliens never get to the cores at all…

What’s your favorite tower?

The Cannon. It seems straight-forward and old-fashioned, and I like its efficiency, its range, its power–I also really like the sounds they make!

What is your favorite DLC?

I love the fact that you folks have included designs from the Defense Grid community. There’s no cohesive story, which I liked in both Awakening and You Monster, but in Community there’s a real diversity of style which appeals to me.

Do you have any tips on playing Defense Grid: The Awakening?

No, not really. I’m not really a gamer so much as someone who enjoys playing this particular game. I don’t care about the score, and I don’t have any tricks or secrets–my best tip is to take your time and enjoy playing.

What do you hope to see in Defense Grid 2?

I hope we learn more about Fletcher’s past, and how he became the way he is now. I am very interested in Fletcher, and I’d love to hear (and possibly see) more about him.

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