GLaDOS is a ‘Special Guest Star’ in Defense Grid

GLaDOS is a ‘Special Guest Star’ in Defense Grid

The Valve Potato/Portal Two ARG is now complete and Portal 2 has been released.  We at HPE had a blast participating and we hope those of you who already own Defense Grid or are new to the game, also had fun.

We thoroughly enjoyed working closely with a host of Indipendant Game developers including Dejobaan Games, Frictional Games, Dylan Fitterer, Gaijin Games, Lazy 8 Studios, Tripwire Interactive, Two Tribes, Team Meat, Teotl Studios, Valve and of course peripherial manufacturer Razer.  This was a large cross-group project that nimbly reacted to fans, updated weekly, and worked hard to entertain you through our games with new content, puzzles, and several crazy surprises.  I don’t think anyone ahead of time expected to see pole climbing clue seekers and such intense and exciting IRC discussions or detailed Wiki’s spring to life.

The amount of new ARG content that you could find in 123 Kick it, AaAaAA, Amnesia, AudioSurf, BIT.TRIP BEAT, Cogs, Killing Floor, Rush, Super Meat Boy, The Ball, Wonderful End of the World, Toki Tori and of course Defense Grid must have added up to several hundreds of hours of new puzzle solving, investigtation, and fun for fans and we hope finding GLaDOS in all of our games, and getting access to new Portal 2 concept art and information was a fun diversion as we all awaited the launch of Portal 2 and we able to get it to release a day early on Steam.

People have been asking if we’ll remove the two new levels we have given our Steam customers now that the ARG is over, and the answer is “no”, those will stay.  We may be able to create more surprises in store for the future, so we’ll see what we can pull off, but for now, there are two new levels for you to experience including one starring GLaDOS and ending with something unexpected happening to our friend.

Others have asked if we will be bringing these new levels to other platforms and channels such as Xbox LIVE, and for the moment, this content is unique to Steam.  Where it shows up later, though may be something that can change in the future.  We’ll keep working on that on our end and see what happens.  The world of game development is far less certain and clear than you likely expect it to be on our end.  I’m sure you think we know all the answers and how it is going to turn out, and the truth is we try to make a lot of things happen, and sometimes they do!

Several of us were watching the IRC channels, and every once in a while someone would comment that “I bet the devs are watching and laughing at us.”  They were exactly right on the watching part, but the laughing couldn’t have been further from the truth.  Each of the Indie developers involved were making all sorts of content for a type of experience that was new to develop for all of us.  We were scared to death that a puzzle would be way too easy and solved in seconds and not be interesting, or scared that a puzzle would be way too hard, and no one would figure it out and it would be too frustrating.  Our job was to entertain, and we were always concerned that the puzzles and clues and information would not be entertaining, and fortunately it went a lot better than we feared.  Thanks so much to the community of people who helped organize, document, share, and connect people together so that so many people could participate and have fun.  We were honored to be interacting with you in a way we hadn’t been able to do so before.

Well, it is back to “regular” work for those of us in the studio who were working on the ARG.  The rest of the studio has been focused on our other projects and we can’t wait to share them all with you once they’re ready to talk about and we have a better idea of when they’ll be coming out.

Thanks much for playing Defense Grid, and hopefully also enjoying it.  We love making games for you.

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