Hypercade Now Available on Gear VR

If you follow game development companies, you may have heard about “Game Jams.”

What’s a Game Jam? Well, sometimes a game development company takes a short break from the day to day focus and gives the team a chance to try out ideas, explore new game concepts, and try something new for a short period of time. People “jam” together akin to jazz artists riffing on ideas, and at the end, everyone shows each other their work, learns a lot from each other, and become better game developers because of it.

Last Spring, Hidden Path Entertainment had a little bit of time to do an internal game jam, and several cool concepts came out of it. One of them though, we couldn’t stop thinking about. We all played it, and it was just so doggone fun, that we had to spend more time on it, take it a little farther, and see if we could turn it into a product that we could share with players in Virtual Reality.

That product is Hypercade, and we’re excited to announce that it is now available on the Oculus GearVR store for purchase starting today.

Hypercade is a VR take on classic arcade experiences that put you “inside” a retro arcade experience, and most importantly, lets you show your skill in playing in “Hyper” mode – you play just by looking at where you want the ship or character that you control to go. It’s a lot of fun, easy to play, and well, it doesn’t take long before you start telling your friends how high a score you got, and improving your game to make sure that they can’t beat it!

For classic arcade lovers though, that isn’t all. Full game controller support is included and you can play in “Classic” as well with all the action, strategy, and timing required for the best retro arcade play.

Play in Hyper or Classic modes and you’ll have a lot of fun in Hypercade. We hope you enjoy it as much as the team here does!

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