Introducing Brass Tactics Arena!

Introducing Brass Tactics Arena!

Diving head first into a new Oculus Rift game can be daunting when you don’t know what kind of gaming experience you are buying into.  Sure, a VR RTS game from the Lead Designer of Age of Empires II sounds great in a tweet or in a video, but what is Brass Tactics Arena really like?

Hidden Path Entertainment wants you know how awesome an RTS game can be in VR, so we’ve created an entirely separate app called Brass Tactics Arena and will be making it available for free to all users of Oculus Rift starting February 15!

Brass Tactics Arena is a sampler of content from Brass Tactics (releasing February 22, 2018) and will be available indefinitely on the Oculus Rift Store.

What is included with Brass Tactics Arena?

  • Use of all units and their upgrades!
  • Play the first two chapters of the campaign
  • One versus multiplayer map
  • One cooperative multiplayer map
  • One AI opponent with two difficulty levels

If you are interested in helping us test stability, balance and give feedback register for Brass Tactics Early Access here:


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