08 – Maps Overview

Competitive Maps

Competitive maps are played 1v1 against a human or one of the three AI personalities.  They are typically symmetrical in some way.  Borders have been marked up, with pathways marked translucent.


Blue Region:  Player 1 Castle Region

Red Region:  Player 2 (PvP) or AI Castle Region

Green Region:  Player 2 (Coop) Castle Region

       Ore Village

 Jewel Village


  • Map Size: Small
  • 8 regions with jewel village natural expansions on the right and left side
  • Jewel village natural expansions means more jewels to tech up faster
  • Regions are very close together, creating short time-to-conflict
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  • Map Size: Small
  • 8 regions with high ground with jewel village natural expansions
  • The forward jewel village naturals have two fronts, providing options for attack or difficulty defending
  • Non-traversable canals cut into the playspace, making ranged squads and fliers desirable
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  • Map Size: Small to Medium
  • 9 regions with 2 jewel village natural expansions
  • Three primary routes, each with at different elevations
  • Center strong for position, but exposed workers and harder to defend

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  • Map Size: Medium to Large
  • 9 regions with 2 jewel village natural expansions per player
  • Fog in center low ground of the map with many routes into and out of it
  • Player home regions are on high ground, making assaults on owned regions trickier
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  • Map Size: Large
  • 10 regions with 2 jewel villages near center of map
  • Neutral high ground overlooks both jewel villages, making them exposed to long ranged squads
  • Lots of flow options from each region, creating many reinforcement and attack opportunities
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  • Map Size: Large
  • 10 regions with jewel villages on high ground on right and left side
  • Two main routes to each side of the map, with non-traversable geometry in the center
  • Low ground natural important to keep an eye on so the opponent doesn’t take hold of it
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Cooperative Maps


  • 9 region map with two main lanes
  • Ore village natural expansions with jewel villages on the sides
  • Destructible walls can be broken down to allow for attacking or reinforcing options
  • One main choke point when approaching enemy home region
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  • 8 region map with one main lane
  • Enemy pushes down the lane with waves of squads
  • Players can utilize catapults to thin out enemy squads before engagements
  • Destructible wall on right side allows for reinforcement options after taking right side
  • Catapult villages grant workers to harvest ore, as well as unlocks a new catapult for either player to use
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  • 9 region map with shared natural expansion
  • Natural expansion flanked by high and low ground
  • Players also utilize these routes to flank enemy center region
  • High ground in center useful for laying siege and staging squads
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  • 11 region map with ore village natural expansions
  • Fog covers most of the map, the entire low ground
  • Lots of flow options within the fog, making player communication and teamwork critical
  • Jewel villages peek out of the fog, but lack don’t have turrets
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  • 10 region map with jewel village natural expansions
  • Jewel village natural expansions mean abundant jewel economy and more teching
  • Enemy also has jewel natural expansions, allowing them to keep pace
  • Natural regions flow into a shared bottleneck that’s hard to hold and push out of
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  • 8 region map with one main lane
  • Enemy pushes down the lane with waves of squads
  • A gauntlet in the center of the map encourages players to have strong pushes
  • Drawbridge extends when player occupies the center of the map to allow reinforcement options
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