10 – Fiddly Details

RTS Classic Controls

RTS Classic Controls default to “off”.  When RTS Classic is off, all units use “Smart Move“.  When the player directs squads to a destination or target, they will move a certain distance without engaging the enemy (a few seconds), after which they will engage enemies that attack them or get in their way.  Once they reach their designated target they will attack and engage normally.  This is intended to be more forgiving for new players, who want their units to use a bit more autonomy to respond to the enemy.

In addition, when RTS Classic is off, the controller movement to slide the table is more forgiving, but a little less precise.

If RTS Classic is turned “on”, all units use “Direct Move” when told to move to a location or target.  When in Direct Move, they will doggedly pursue their target, moving to attack the specified target, or reach a designated point, ignoring all enemy activity along the way.  Once they reach their destination they will attack and engage normally (stationary units act the same regardless of the RTS Classic setting).  This behavior is more in line with the unit behavior in a classic RTS such as Starcraft, and relies on the player to more liberally take advantage of the “Attack Move” behavior (by pressing forward on the stick while commanding).

In addition, when RTS Classic is on, the controller movement to slide the table is a precise, one-to-one control… However, a fraction of the population may have trouble getting comfortable with releasing the trigger at the correct moment for a smooth, coasting movement.

Expert Unit Controls

Waypoint Placement

If you need to set up more complicated routes for your troops, you can place intermediate waypoints along a unit’s route. Just press A or X while dragging the command arrow for the unit you wish to direct, and you can issue up to 10 intermediate points. You can even instruct them to Attack Move via the normal method (pressing up on the stick). This way you can create patrol routes or instruct your units to take a wide route to avoid an enemy’s defenses.

Filter Selection

Would you like to select just the warriors in a cluster of squads so that you can send them to the front?  Find all the mechanics so you can pull them back out of trouble? Just hold the stick to either side when selecting units, and as soon as you select your first unit, you will select only that type of unit as you continue to sweep your hand to select more units. This filter continues until you release the trigger and issue the order.

Tower Rally Points

Sometimes when you’ve queued up units to be built, you would like them to immediately dispatch to a new location such as to defend one of your regions, or to keep pressure on an enemy position.  You can do this through use of a Rally Point, which automatically issues a command to units as soon as they are spawned from a tower.  Each tower has exactly one Rally Point that can be set.

A Rally Point can be created by pointing at a tower and pulling the Trigger.  Similar to the controls for commanding a squad, you can then drag a Command Arrow to the destination point, where you would like the units to be deployed to on spawn.  Every unit spawned from that tower from then on will move to that point once fully trained.  Only that specific tower will redirect its units… if you wish for your other towers to also deploy to a specific location, you must drag a Rally Point from each tower you wish to command.  If a tower is destroyed and rebuilt, a new Rally Point must be defined.

You can also modify the command that a Rally Point issues to any spawned units, as you would with any other squad command.  By default, the units are commanded to carry out actions identical to how they are carried out if you commanded directly…  That is, when RTS Classic Controls are “Off” (the default), the unit will Smart Move, which attacks nearby units along the way.  If RTS Classic Controls are “On”, the unit will Direct Move, which will single-mindedly move to the desintation.  If you wish to modify that command to Attack Move (which attacks all units in range along the way), press Up on the thumbstick when dragging the Rally Point arrow, which will turn it red (similar to issuing an Attack Move during squad command).  You can also drop Waypoints as part of your Rally Point path by pressing A or X while dragging the Rally Point arrow.

Commanding a unit always takes priority over creating a Rally Point, so if there is an allied unit in the vicinity, you may need to use more care when selecting the tower, or move the unit out of the way.  Setting your Rally Point will also indicate what side of the tower your spawned units will be generated on, so this can be used to your benefit at high play levels.

If you no longer wish for a tower to have a Rally Point (and return to having its units spawned around the tower as it does once placed), simply start dragging an arrow from the tower with the Trigger and point the end of the arrow at the same tower.  You will see the arrow turn translucent, and if you release the Trigger at that time, the Rally Point will be removed.  If, however, you accidentally start dragging a Rally Point and do not wish to make any changes to the tower’s Rally Point (either by adding or changing), you can cancel the command by pressing the B or Y button (as might when cancelling squad commands).

Streamer Tips

Spectator Camera Views


If you are a streamer, or if you are playing VR with a group of people in the room, the default head-tracked view may not be the best experience for your audience…  All that head motion (which feels natural inside the Rift) can be pretty uncomfortable to watch for an audience looking at a flat screen. For those that want to put on a good show, there is a collection of preset spectator cameras to make for a more polished presentation to your viewers.

During gameplay, the number keys at the top of the keyboard will switch between the preset cameras. Here is the entire key control guide.

  • 0 – Select score summary view (only valid if score summary is active)
  • 1 – Select first-person view (what the VR player sees)
  • 2 – Select Player over-the-left-shoulder view.
  • 3 – Select Player over-the-right-shoulder view.
  • 4 – Select Opponent over-the-left-shoulder view.
  • 5 – Select Opponent over-the-right-shoulder view.
  • 6 – Select Co-op teammate over-the-left-shoulder view. (If not playing Co-op Select Front Player left-side view.)
  • 7 – Select Co-op teammate over-the-right-should view. (If not playing Co-op Select Front Player right-side view.)
  • 8 – Select top-down view of map.
  • 9 – Select first Spectator view (view 1) defined in SpectatorViews.csv for the current map.
  • Up arrow – Cycle forward thru all spectator views.
  • Down-arrow – Cycle in reverse thru all spectator views.

Note:  Please use the spectator views only if you have a computer powerful enough to display a high frame rate, because this feature causes the game scene to render extra times.  If you return to a view that matches the in-headset view (1), it will cease to drain performance.

In addition, if you have an Xbox gamepad connected to your PC when the game is started, you can fly the spectator camera around to any position you like. To enter the “fly mode”, press R on the keyboard while in a match. The following Xbox gamepad inputs are now active:

  • Left stick: Move camera forward / back / left / right
  • Right stick: pan / tilt
  • Left trigger: descend
  • Right trigger: ascend
  • X / Y buttons: Adjust camera FOV

Pressing R again will show only the avatar hands, and pressing it again will disable the player avatar (so that your body does not block view of the board).  Press a fourth time to go back to normal view.

Super-Advanced Mode:  The file Brass\Content\Raw\SpectatorViews.csv can be modified to set custom spectator views (the 9 key).   Pressing O (the letter) will toggle the display of the spectator camera location to help you tune your custom view.

Loading Screen Tips

  • Any ground unit can open a neutral socket if they move near it, opening the way for you to place a tower.  However, an air unit cannot open sockets.
  • If two opposing teams have ground units in a neutral region, it becomes contested and no sockets can be opened until one side’s forces are removed.
  • If you capture a multi-socket region, any empty sockets in it will stay open and available for you to place a tower. However, if the opposing team contests the region, that socket will close until the enemy is removed.
  • Moving out and capturing regions quickly at the start of the game can have significant advantages.  Scouts are tailor-made for early exploration and harassment of your opponent.
  • Want to try a different set of units in solo or multiplayer? You can select a different palette in the main menu by looking at the desk below and pressing “Switch“.
  • You can fine-tune your palette and learn about each unit with the palette review. Look down at the desk in the main menu and press “View”.
  • You can skip the level introductions in the campaign by pressing the B or Y button.
  • Tired of the same old look?  You can change your team color and the metal trim of your units in the palette review. In the main menu, look down and press “View“.
  • Controls
    • You can command a large number of units at once by holding the trigger and sweeping your hand over all the desired squads before releasing.
    • Brass Tactics is ambidextrous! Any command you make with your right hand can be made with your left just as easily.
    • You can queue up to three units to be constructed at a tower at once by pressing A or X on a tower repeatedly. Press B or Y to cancel the unit order.
    • You can select a single squad instead of an entire group of squads by pulling the trigger halfway down as you issue your command.
    • If you are in the middle of stretching the arrow for a squad command and change your mind, you can cancel with the B or Y button.
    • Want to set up more complicated routes for your troops?  Place intermediate waypoints by pressing A or X while dragging their command arrow.
    • Wish you built a different tower?  You can clear space by hitting your towers with the scrap hammer.  Hold B or Y to deploy it from your hand.
    • Want to pick all the warriors or artillery from a cluster of squads? Hold the stick to either side when issuing commands, and it will filter to only the first type of unit you select.
    • By default, units are commanded with a Smart Move that anticipates targets you wish to move or fight. If you prefer traditional real-time strategy controls, turn on “RTS Classic Controls” in the Options Menu.
    • Attack Move is a great command to use if you want your units to freely attack anything along the way while moving, even if it delays their arrival. Hold up on the thumbstick when issuing your command.
    • Hold Position is how you can make your units stay exactly where they are and not move. This is most useful when positioning ranged units on the high ground. Pull down on the thumbstick when issuing commands.
    • Remember you can use either hand to issue commands.  Expert players can even issue different commands to two groups at the same time using both hands!
    • At the population cap?  Built too many of something?  You can also use the scrap hammer to destroy unneeded units. Hold B or Y to deploy it from your hand.
  • Economy
    • A region with a small Ore village will supply the owner with an income of ore via workers, but no jewels.
    • The regions with larger Jewel villages provide less ore than small villages, but they also grant additional jewel income.  Capturing more towers in a Jewel Village region grants a higher income.
    • You can harvest an ore by killing enemy workers.  Placing an army near an unprotected enemy village can provide an economic boost.
    • Stronghold upgrades turrets against land units.  Arsenal upgrades turrets against air units.
    • Short on resources? Try purchasing the Blacksmith and Factory upgrades, then get ready to spend as your income grows!
    • The Powder Stores upgrade will convert your workers into Bomb Workers, which will charge the enemy castle! After two minutes, your workers will return to harvesting.
    • If you lose your last tower in a region due to scrapping or building a Titan or Airship, you won’t necessarily sacrifice the region.  If no enemies contest it, its sockets will remain open for you to place a new tower.
    • The mines in most regions have a limited supply of ore before they are depleted.  Only the mines at your home region can be mined for endless ore.
    • You can issue a standing order for units produced from a tower to automatically move to a specific point. Create a Rally Point by hovering over a tower and pulling the trigger, then directing them where to go.
    • When creating a Rally Point, you can command your units to execute an Attack Move just as if you commanded them directly. Just press up on the stick when dragging the Rally Point from the tower.
  •  Units
    • Warriors are strong against Cavalry, Tanks and Rocketeers.  They are weak against Archers, Artillery, Wasps and Dragons.
    • Stealth Warriors can approach ranged enemies without drawing fire.  Voltaic Warriors slow enemy units, reducing their ability to counterattack.
    • Archers are strong against Warriors, Wasps and Dragons.  They are weak against Cavalry, Artillery, and Rocketeers.
    • Fire Archers can ignite enemy squads, wrecking units with low health.  Skirmish Archers move very fast and are resilient to projectiles and explosions.
    • Cavalry are strong against Archers, Artillery, Rocketeers, and Turrets.  They are weak against Warriors, Wasps, Tanks, and Dragons.
    • Slam Cavalry deals radius damage and a stun when charging an enemy.  Strike Cavalry are more resilient to damage and deals high damage to a single target when charging.
    • Scouts are weak fighters but they are excellent for early expansion and enemy worker harassment.  Later in the game they become economy boosters or escorts.
    • Veteran Scouts can increase the speed of your other units when near. Group them with your strike force and rush your way to the fight!
    • Ore and Jewel Scouts can harvest resources from nearby enemies that are killed. Place your scouts within range of any combat and collect your boons.
    • Wasps are strong against Warriors, Cavalry, Artillery, and Dragons.  They are weak against Archers, Tanks, and Turrets.
    • Strike Wasps are the fastest units in the game, and can uncover stealthed units from a long range away.
    • Tanks are strong against Cavalry, Wasps, Artillery, and Dragons.  They are weak against Warriors and Rocketeers.
    • Tanks have a shield that protects them from incoming damage.  Press A or X while pointing at them to activate it.
    • Demolition Tanks have a special volatile shield that explodes when it is broken, damaging surrounding units.
    • Mechanics can’t fight, but are extremely effective at keeping your units alive if you can keep them nearby in a fight.
    • Press A or X while pointing at a Mechanic to activate its Healing Boost ability, which increases their speed and healing effectiveness for a short time.
    • Cleanse Mechanics grant all surrounding units an immunity to any negative effects such as fire, stun and weaken, in addition to its effective healing.
    • Artillery are strong against Archers, Rocketeers, and Turrets.  They are weak against Cavalry and Tanks.
    • Press A or X while pointing at an Artillery unit to unpack a long-range cannon that can destroy distant archers and structures, although it will remain stationary until re-packed.
    • Sentinel Artillery gains the ability to fire at airborne units when it is packed up and mobile.
    • Rocketeers are strong against Archers, Wasps, and Towers.  They are weak against Warriors, Cavalry, Artillery, and Rocketeers.
    • Rocketeers inflict a weaken effect on their targets, which makes them more vulnerable to other attacks.  Shatter Rocketeers inflict an increased weaken effect.
    • Dragons are strong against Warriors, Cavalry, Artillery, and Towers.  They are weak against Archers, Tanks and Wasps.
    • Dragons have an immolate ability that ignites the ground beneath them, as well as gives them a speed boost.
    • The Titan is an incredibly powerful melee unit specialized for Castle assault.
    • Titans can be activated with A or X for Rage Mode, which causes the behemoth to run and strike with both hammers.
    • The Airship is a potent flying escort unit.  It has a capable anti-ground attack, but its core abilities lie in regenerating units and building deep in enemy territory.
    • The Airship can be activated A or X to deploy a Rally Point, which makes all new units spawned from towers to appear under the ship instead.

Extra Info

Looking for images from the game to use on your stream? We’ve got you covered with some great images in our Press Kit that is now available for download.  Be sure to post your stream information on our Discord Channel too.