02 – Gameplay Overview

The War Table

Brass Tactics is a game of strategic warfare controlled via intricate clockwork mechanisms. You are a Scion, a military commander who directs the troops of your noble house via the War Table. This table is more than a mere toy… at several meters across, it is a stunningly detailed map and miniature simulation of the land that is under conflict. Through the War Table you command your military forces out on the battlefield, troops that carry out the instructions you send them by interacting with their tiny mechanical counterparts. Through the table you also construct towers, train new military units, capture new regions, and upgrade the land’s economy to improve the efficiency of your war machine.

Opposing Scions

Your opponent in each battle dwells within the Castle represented at the opposite end of the War Table.  The opposing Scion is projected into your War Room, just as you are projected into his…  two military leaders, face-to-face, fighting a duel to decide the fate of a bountiful land. Your objective is to battle your way to that Castle and take it down.  Both commanders have put their very lives on the line, as they must control their forces from War Rooms within the Castles right on the battlefield… failure means a hasty retreat as the Castle burns around them.

Military Squads

You issues commands to your forces in Brass Tactics via the command gauntlets, directing squads of warriors, archers and cavalry, each of which is a miniature clockwork combat unit.  These tiny units reflect a real unit or squad out on the real battlefield outside the War Room, sworn to act as commanded by their Scion.  As your technology advances, new Elite troops such as artillery, mechanics, and titans are unlocked, granting increased tactical options and greater military might.

Just like a classic Real-Time Strategy game, all units move and fight autonomously as they carry out your orders.  These units can also be upgraded through the tech tree at your Castle, such as granting Fire Arrows to the Archer or Stealth abilities to Warriors.

Towers and Villages

The battlefield is divided into a series of regions, each of which contains a village, which is the center of resource production for the region.  Each region also has one or more sockets associated with it, which are locations in which military structures can be built.

Your gauntlets have convenient panels that display a “palette” selection of towers that can be constructed, each of which can train one of the unit types.  You can “build” a tower by taking it from the palette and placing it into one of the sockets on the board.  This not only constructs a tower that produces units for your use, but it also captures the socket for your army.

Capturing sockets also grants you control over the region’s village, which unfolds and starts dispatching workers to harvest ore for your side.

The Castle

Each commander on the battlefield has a Castle that holds the center of his command. The Castle is your sanctuary, and is literally where you and the War Table are located.  If your keep is captured, the enemy is literally at your doorstep, and every tiny explosion can be heard just outside the window!  So capture the enemy’s Castle instead and win the day.

The Castle is also the center of your technical development or the classic strategy tech tree.  You can improve your technology by simply placing an upgrade building into the Castle… which improves units, structures or economy, as well as improves the Castle itself. Over time, new units and upgrades can be built, and the Castle improves its defensive capabilities.





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