04 – Regions and Economy


Brass Tactics has two consumable resources that the player can earn and spend over the course of a match:

Ore is basic resource that is harvested from mines by workers.  Ore is the primary resource used for training units at towers.  You can see how much ore you have on your gauntlet or on the palette.

Each worker can gather one ore from a mine owned by the player, and deposit it back into its village. Note: In a typical region, each un-upgraded worker can gather about one ore every 30 seconds. This rate can be improved by the Blacksmith and Factory upgrades.

Jewels are an elite resource that is produced from the castle, as well as at specific villages (see below).  Jewels are the resource used to build towers, as well as castle upgrades.  Advanced units may also require jewels to construct.

Jewels are awarded on a “tick” that fires every 30 seconds, at which time you can hear a chime. On your gauntlet you can see your current jewel supply, as well as your expected income from the next tick, and finally a progression timer.

Your jewel income is primarily based on the level of your castle. Other ways you can increase your jewel income is to capture a jewel village (see below), or to purchase the Factory castle upgrade.


Each player’s castle is the core of their economy. The castle automatically deploys a workforce of workers, which automatically and continuously harvest ore from its home region mine. The home mine holds infinite ore, unlike the other mines on the map.

The castle increases its income based on its upgrade level:

  • Level 1 (Castle Upgrade Level 1)
    •  5 workers
    • 4 per tick
  • Level 2 (Castle Upgrade Level 2)
    •  5 workers
    • 5 per tick
  • Level 3 (Castle Upgrade Level 3)
    •  5 workers
    • 6 per tick


Regions are map areas bordered by a dotted line, each of which has a village attached. You capture an uncontrolled (gray) region by placing a tower in an open socket within.  When a single tower is placed in a region, the entire region becomes captured and controlled.

If there are multiple sockets within a region, any unfilled sockets are automatically opened once the first socket is filled. The region must be uncontested however… if an enemy ground unit enters the region, the unfilled sockets will automatically close.

If the enemy destroys all the towers in your region, it will return to neutral and you no longer benefit from its village production.  All workers are killed. Either player can then attempt to capture the region if they completely eliminate the opposed forces within it.

In cooperative play, you will not contest your ally’s regions. However, your forces have to be the one to open a socket in a neutral region to place a tower within (the open socket will be shown in your team color).

Home Regions

Each player has a Home Region where their castle is located.  The sockets within each player’s home region are special, in that they cannot be captured by the opponent.  These sockets also never close when the region is contested.

The mines within a home region provide infinite ore and are never expended.

Both elements are encircled by a special embossed ring.


When a region is captured, the attached village changes its loyalty to you, as evidenced by their roofs changing to your team color. Once you have claimed the village it starts to deploy workers, which automatically and continuously harvest ore from mines in its region.

Each standard mine has a limited amount of ore (150) that becomes depleted once mined out. Workers from that region will then seek out other mines that the player owns and bring its ore back to its home village, even if it is a fair distance away.

  • Mine capacity
    •  150

Ore Villages

Ore villages are small hamlets with a population of everyday workers.  Ore villages have a full compliment of 5 workers that harvest ore. Regions with ore villages typically have only one socket.

  • Level 1 (Socket filled)
    • 5 workers

Jewel Villages

Jewel villages are larger towns with a smaller mine worker force, but have the added ability to produce jewels.

Jewel villages initially have a smaller workforce of 3 workers that can mine ore, as well as adding an income of one jewel per 30-second tick. Regions with jewel villages typically have two sockets.

By placing additional towers in a region with a jewel village, it can be upgraded.  Once all towers in a jewel village’s region are filled, the village will upgrade itself to Level 2,  granting a greater production capacity. Keeping a jewel village region upgraded without losing a tower has additional benefits: After 3 minutes, a Level 2 village will upgrade to Level 3, with added production capacity.

  • Level 1 (One tower socket filled)
    •  3 workers
    •  1 per tick
  • Level 2 (All tower sockets filled)
    •  workers
    •  per tick
  • Level 3 (At level 2 for 3 minutes)
    •  5 workers
    •  per tick

Catapult Villages

Catapult villages are medium-sized towns with a catapult perched upon them.  They only have the ability to produce ore, although capturing one also grants you access to a catapult.

Catapult villages initially have a medium workforce of 4 workers that can mine ore.

By placing additional towers in a region with a catapult village, it can be upgraded.  Once all towers in a catapult village’s region are filled, the village will upgrade itself to Level 2, granting a greater worker capacity.

  • Level 1 (One tower socket filled)
    •  workers
  • Level 2 (All tower sockets filled)
    •  6 workers


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