PAX Achievement Unlocked

PAX Achievement Unlocked

We’re back from PAX and what an amazing time it was.  Thousands of people got to play Counter-Strike: Global Operations at PAX last week and according to Joystiq “Though the line to play had its naysayers, I saw no one turning away from their demo without a smile on their face. It feels … well, it feels like Counter-Strike.”

And everyone wanted to try out the game.  According to “On the first day of PAX 2011, a confident booth in the middle of the convention’s show floor claims to boast the longest queues of the show, and it’s for a downloadable game rather than a mammoth AAA title. Isn’t that a bit daunting for the staff manning its 10 demo stations? Apparently not – they say it’s exciting. I’m inclined to agree: excitement is the right response when the developer is Valve, and when the game in question is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.”

It was exciting.  We knew we were working on a very important franchise with Valve, and we all knew that we were having a lot of fun with the new version when we played, but what none of us knew, was how you’d respond, what you’d think, and whether or not you’d want to keep playing it.

I can now report back, that people visiting PAX were as excited as we are about the game, that even when folks weren’t sure if the Xbox 360 version we had for them would be their main platform or not, that shouts of delight, suspense, and victory rained down from the rafters as T’s and CT’s squared off on the new Dust map, and virtual bombs were both planted, defused, and detonated.  It was a ton of fun to witness.

Everyone who came to PAX and played got a beta code, those going to Eurogamer will get them too.  Don’t fall for any of the scams that are starting to pop up out there claiming to have beta keys for you to download, purchase or earn.  The only way into the beta right now is to play the game at one of these shows.

There’s more to come and we look forward to bringing you more about CS:GO and working closely with Valve to make sure that the very best possible Counter-Strike works its way to you in 2012.

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