A Perfect Fit for VR

A Perfect Fit for VR

One of the coolest things about being a game developer is the fact that you get to try out new gaming technology before anyone else does. I can still remember the day I saw the T-Rex demo running on a Playstation 1 development station like it was yesterday.

Fast-forward 20 years or so of game development and imagine my sense of wonder when I put on the DK1 hardware for the Oculus Rift for the first time in 2013. I was finally experiencing something I’ve been dreaming about all of my life as both a gamer and a game designer. I was witnessing the birth of affordable virtual reality, and the real possibility that I could stand virtually within worlds of my own creation and look around as if I were really there.

A few years later, what looked as promising first steps into a new kind of gaming has blossomed into something extremely compelling. With the latest Oculus hardware, the level of fidelity and sense of presence is mind blowing! It probably comes as no surprise that one of our first thoughts at HPE would be, “I wonder what DG2 would be like in VR?”

Well, wonder no longer my friends! It’s awesome!

Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition is a perfect fit for the Oculus Rift platform. Everyone at HPE was really excited when we discovered what a natural fit our tower defense game was in Virtual Reality. When you put on the headset you are truly transported into the world of Defense Grid and feel like you can really dive in and see all of the action going on around you. You feel the enormity of the towers, the threatening onslaught of aliens, and the depth of the world we created in a way that we couldn’t bring to players before now.

Every time I jump into Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR edition I feel a child like sense of wonder that I’m in a world far away from home, fighting the desperate fight, protecting the cores. This dream is becoming a reality and I’m so excited to see what everyone thinks of it.

Defense Grid 2 Enhanced VR Edition will include a story expansion featuring 5 new levels and a new storyline featuring fan favorite A.I., General Fletcher, new intuitive controls and displays designed specifically for VR, and will be available in time for the Oculus Rift™ Q1 2016 launch.

Protect the cores!

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