Let’s have this said right out of the gate… Raccoon Lagoon is awesome! This title was the biggest surprise to us out of all 10 games in this article’s line up, what initially looks like just a pet simulator soon shows you how ashamed you should be of judging such a cute book by its adorable cover. Raccoon Lagoon is as much about the animals that surround you as it is about exploration and using your skills to acquire better items and discover new explorable areas. While the game is mostly focused on exploration and progressing to new areas, it also offers almost RPG like skills such as mining, fishing, woodcutting and farming used in gathering resources, it feels almost like a stripped back virtual reality version of RuneScape where the pets drive the quests instead of human NPCs.

The game allows complete freedom to complete the tasks in any order you like, or just spend an hour fishing or mining for gems, the game goes at the pace you choose and there’s something very therapeutic about literally cutting down a tree and slicing the logs in to segments in VR. But then there’s multiplayer, now you can do all of this, but with someone else in your world exploring it all alongside you. I actually joined a multiplayer game once but noticed they’d only been playing for around 10 minutes and was still deep in to exploring the world around them, I watched from the spawn point as they got on their tip toes to try knock an apple from a tree only for it to fall on their head, raising their real life hands to protect their physical head from a virtual apple, I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt their experience so left them to it, but it showed off perfectly well just how fun gathering resources to progress through the game with a friend could be. Raccoon Lagoon is the sort of game where minutes spent in the world can feel like 10 minutes and puts you in to their world of almost child-like exploration and discovery.

Our negatives are that the game doesn’t have seated/standing options, which is made even worse by the fact that your character doesn’t have and isn’t supposed to have legs – so when you start the game you think you’ve sunk in to the ground, spent far too long discovering this was intentional. Besides that, maybe some more character customisations? That’s really all we’ve got.. Our hope is that the developers will introduce new skills and resources to gather to match the particular mood of anyone playing. If you want to relax, manhandle some cute animals or want a new world to explore with a friend, Raccoon Lagoon is for yoon…


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