DG2 Makes Gamer Horizon’s Top 5

Ahoy there, Gamer Horizon fanatics! It’s Thursday, which means a brand new Top 5 segment is upon us! This week, we look into our crystal balls and into the future and see what games tickle our fancy that are coming out within the next coming months! Next thing you know, June will roll around and E3 will be here, but are there games between now and then and beyond that we should be looking forward to? Our crew says there are… and they don’t need E3 to be here to know what games they want! So hop on board and let’s see what the crew’s looking forward to in 2014!


5. Defense Grid 2 I love my tower defense games, and Defense Grid: The Awakening is my favorite out of all of them. When I heard about a Kickstarter campaign to fund both a new DLC campaign for Defense Grid and a full on sequel, I jumped on board at once. As I mentioned in The Top 5: Game Mechanics, Defense Grid: The Awakening features a clever checkpoint system that allows you to rewind to any of your previous check points in order to make different decisions or correct your course, taking a lot of the frustration and tedium out of the genre. Between that, some great level design, a ton of fun towers, and plenty of monsters to slay with them, to say that I am looking forward to the sequel is an understatement. I want more Defense Grid, and Defense Grid 2 is easily one of the games I am most looking forward to in 2014.

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