Raccoon Lagoon Is Stardew Valley Mixed With Animal Crossing In VR

Raccoon Lagoon Is Stardew Valley Mixed With Animal Crossing In VR

We finally have more details on the next Oculus Studios title, Raccoon Lagoon.

This curious VR farming game popped up for pre-order on the Oculus Rift and Quest stores months back. We knew it was developed by Brass Tactics studio, Hidden Path Entertainment. We knew it would have you building a home for yourself on an island. However, we now know it’s releasing July 25 (tomorrow!) and have our first look at the game in trailer form.

A New VR Farming Sim

Simply put, Raccoon Lagoon looks like Stardew Valley in VR. Critters that inhabit the island give you quests in which you’ll explore different environments, gather resources, craft and more. Animals can be petted and seeds can be sown. There’s also two-player co-op in which friends can hang out and discover adventures together.

It looks absolutely charming and a great place to unwind in VR. When done right, VR farming can offer a cathartic mix of progression and soothing atmosphere. This seems to strike that balance, but we’ll have to get our hands on the full thing to find out.

VR farming fans will also notice the similarities to another recently-launched game, Garden of the Sea. That’s made by Budget Cuts developer Neat Corporation and is currently in Early Access. Whereas Raccoon Lagoon is the full version, Neat plans to expand on its take on VR farming with the help of the community.

Impressively, this will be Hidden Path’s sixth VR game. Whilst its best known for Brass Tactics, it also worked on a port of its popular tower defense title, Defense Grid 2, for Oculus Rift launch.

Raccoon Lagoon will cost $14.99 at launch. Given its a Studios game we’d expect it to support cross-buy. That means if you buy one version on Rift or Quest, you should get the other for free. Based on comments from the developer on Reddit, it also sounds like cross-play will be included, so Rift and Quest players can play together.

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