Spectator cameras for Brass Tactics streamers

Spectator cameras for Brass Tactics streamers

Here at Hidden Path we’re all super-excited to see people experience Brass Tactics for the first time. It’s so much fun for us to see our game being streamed online and we’re thrilled that you’re sharing your Brass Tactics experience with your streaming audience.

We wanted to take a moment to share some information about one of the features we put into the game for capturing trailer footage and demoing the game at trade shows which will really up the production value of your streams – the spectator camera!

The default head-tracked view is probably not the best experience for your streaming audience, because all that head rotation (which feels natural inside the Rift) can be pretty uncomfortable to watch for an audience looking at a 2D “flat” version of the game. That’s why we created a collection of preset spectator cameras to make for a more polished presentation to your viewers. Here’s how to use them.


During gameplay, the number keys at the top of the screen will switch between the preset cameras. Press R to toggle the visibility of the Avatar in any of these views.

0 – Select score summary view (only valid if score summary is active)

1 – Select first-person view (what the VR player sees)

2 – Select Player over-the-left-shoulder view.

3 – Select Player over-the-right-shoulder view.

4 – Select Opponent over-the-left-shoulder view.

5 – Select Opponent over-the-right-shoulder view.

6 – Select Co-op teammate over-the-left-shoulder view. (If not playing Co-op Select Front Player left-side view.)

7 – Select Co-op teammate over-the-right-should view. (If not playing Co-op Select Front Player right-side view.)

8 – Select top-down view of map.

9 – Select first Spectator view (view 1) defined in SpectatorViews.csv for the current map.

Up arrow – Cycle forward thru all spectator views.

Down-arrow – Cycle in reverse thru all spectator views.


In addition, if you have an Xbox gamepad connected to your PC when the game is started, you can fly the spectator camera around to any position you like. To enter the “fly mode”, press R on the keyboard while in a match. The following Xbox gamepad inputs are now active:

  • Left stick: Move camera forward / back / left / right
  • Right stick: pan / tilt
  • Left trigger: descend
  • Right trigger: ascend
  • X / Y buttons: Adjust camera FOV

Looking for images from the game to use on your stream? We’ve got you covered with some great images in our Press Kit that is now available for download.  Be sure to post your stream information on our Discord Channel too.

We hope you’ll take a moment to familiarize yourself with the various spectator camera features and put them to use in your streams. We are looking forward to seeing what you do with them!


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