Tightening the Screws and Bolts on Brass Tactics

Tightening the Screws and Bolts on Brass Tactics

Greetings Scions!

We have been really busy at the brass foundry we call Hidden Path Entertainment hammering out the bugs and balancing the game to get ready for more people to join us in Early Access.  We just recently did a patch that works on unit and map balance that you can read about over on Reddit if you want to keep up with current events.

The Brass Tactics team would like to take this moment to thank our earliest testers for their dedication and enthusiasm for the game.  The feedback we’ve received thus far has been fantastic, and we really appreciate the care and attention our fans are giving the game.

As we get closer to opening up the floodgates and sending keys out to more testers, we recommend that you join us on Discord, Reddit and Twitter to get up to the minute Brass information, update notes, and direct access to our development team.

Early Access Links of Interest

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/brasstactics

Discord: https://discord.gg/hiddenpath

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brass_tactics

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