Tycho Tries DG2 VR

Tycho Tries DG2 VR

Jerry Holkins is Tycho at Penny Arcade and he jumped in to learn all about Defense Grid 2 in VR in his new “Tycho Tries / Explain it to me like I’m Five” video series.

Jerry included Hidden Path Entertainment CEO Jeff Pobst in remotely to chat while playing and the guys cover topics ranging from poisonous mushrooms, getting sick in VR, how far out a skybox should be in VR, the space between your eyes, and gameplay emotions around your stuff getting stolen.

The Hidden Path crew loves playing Defense Grid in VR, it’s just such an upgrade to the experience, and Jerry finds that out for himself as he sees gameplay he already knows, but in a form that makes it special all over again.

If you haven’t had a chance to try Defense Grid 2 in VR, you should definitely watch this:

And in fact, it’s a lot of fun to watch even if you have played the game in VR!

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