Technical Support FAQ



My save data/profile seem to be gone?

Player can restore a backup copy of their profile by removing the “.bak” extension from the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<STEAM ID NUMBER>\221540\remote\profile\user.profile.bak


I get an error message that says my “Files are corrupted… please re-install.” How do I fix this?

There are corrupted files within the custom maps DG2 folder. Navigate to My Documents/DG2 and delete or move the files in that folder.


Steam is stuck at “Preparing to launch…” and then nothing happens.

This is a known bug within the Steam client. A workaround is uninstalling and re-installing the Steam client (make sure to re-download the installer from


I can’t get to the DG2 launcher.

  1. Right click DG2 in Steam > Properties > General > Set Launch Options.
  2. Enter “-skiplauncher -windowed -windowsize 1600 900 -rendersize 1600 900”.



I get an error message that says d3dx11@.dll missing

Specific graphics card drivers are missing – please redownload and reinstall the latest drivers for your graphics card.


I can get to the launcher but I see a black/white screen after clicking “Play.”

Right click DG2 in Steam > Properties > General > Set Launch Options. Enter “-skiplauncher -windowed -windowsize 1600 900 -rendersize 1600 900”.


My cursor is disappearing when I’m in-game.

In the Windows > Mouse Settings:

  • Toggle the “Diplay pointer trails” option
  • Make sure you have “Hide pointer while typing” disabled



DG2 is crashing and none of these fixes work. Help!

Make sure you have the latest graphics card drivers (AMD or Nvidia).

If you are able to reproduce the crash, please send us a report of the steps along with the crash dumps (bugs-dg2@hiddenpath).

If the crash is a “blue screen” or full system crash (out of Windows), this is likely indicative of a hardware failure at some part of the machine.


The launcher is crashing and won’t allow me to send in my crash dumps. Where can I find them so I can email them to you?

You can manually send us your crash dump(s) by locating them in this folder (they’ll have a .dmp extension):
\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DefenseGrid2 .


Useful Launch Commands

  • -skiplauncher
  • -skipintro
  • -fullscreen
  • -windowed
  • -rendersize x y
  • -windowsize x y
  • -gfx_quality 1-4
  • -controller xbox
  • -controller ps3
  • -controller steam
  • -disablemouse
  • -disablekeyboard

Xbox One / PlayStation 4

My Master Strategist achievement isn’t popping. Am I doing something wrong?

The 100 medals must each be in a different map and mode (such as 4. Overlook – Fixed Resources, and 4. Overlook – Story). The achievement doesn’t count medals earned on the same map and mode once one is earned, even if they were at a different difficulty or a different type (open, competitive…). Practice is considered a mode and fully acceptable. Achievements can also take some time to register.


[Xbox One] Why is my game loading slowly?

We had to work very hard to get the load times down to what they are on Xbox One – the software on the Xbox One loads much slower than on the PC or the PS4 unfortunately. The Xbox One has a lot of multitasking ability, and runs two virtual machines on top of another operating system. The good news is that because the exclusive partition (the area that plays games) on Xbox One is a virtual machine, their ability in the future to be backwards compatible with the Xbox One will be much easier. But for now we deal with longer loading times.


[Xbox One] I’m having issues matchmaking in-game.

What we learned from the latest round of talking with Xbox is that there isn’t anything we can do on the game side. In their test environment, everything works perfectly fine with matchmaking, parties and invites. There isn’t anything for us to “fix.”

But, in the retail LIVE environment, sometimes the game performs without problem and sometimes no one can matchmake at all. We did some tests with Microsoft and for two days, no matchmaking took place, and then suddenly, all matchmaking worked for the next few days with no interruptions. We asked them what they changed and they said “nothing, but they’d look into it more as they had some suspicions of what might be the problem.”

We’re waiting along with you to hear what those issues might be. If it turns out that it is on the game, we’ll investigate, but right now, all signs point to something to do with the way LIVE is hosting DG2.


[Xbox One] I’d like to invite my friend to a game. How do I do that?

  1. Both Players need to be friends and logged into Xbox Live
  2. Player A starts DG2 > Multiplayer > Choose your game mode/map > Press Y to invite friend > Select your friend and Invite to Game.
  3. Player B receives the invite and presses the Xbox “logo” button to accept
  4. After a short moment, Player A will get a “Match Found” dialogue. Player A accepts the match.
  5. At this point, both players will be brought into a lobby, and they should be able to get into a game from there.