As you may have heard, we’re working in concert with Wizards of the Coast on a very exciting project: an open-world, third-person, AAA role-playing game that takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons franchise.

We’re sharing this news today because we’re looking for adventurers to help us on this extremely exciting journey. We are a dedicated and collaborative team that really loves D&D, and we’re searching for key classes to join us on our epic quest.

Today we have openings for a Graphics Programmer, a Lead Graphics Programmer, a Senior Technical Artist, and a Writer. The details of each position can be found at

As we slowly and strategically grow in the future, we’ll update that page as well as tweet about new positions (You can follow us on Twitter @hiddenpathent).

It’s too early to talk details about the game, but if you absolutely have to ask someone questions today, please send your inquiries to We are very excited to work with Wizards of the Coast in the most exciting RPG game franchise in the world!