Raccoon Lagoon

Hello, Island Spirit!  A group of adorable sailors have been marooned on your shore.  Let’s help them build a home here. And just maybe, they can help us repair the island’s broken heart.  Explore the eight beautiful and distinct climates of the island, and with fishing, cooking, farming, mining, painting, themed decorations, and many hours of story quests, you won’t run out of things to do.  You can invite a friend if you wish, just make sure to watch out for the Raccoons!

Explore a Beautiful World

Explore a Beautiful World

Explore a diverse island in first person VR. Experience open plains, rushing waterfalls, volcanic rivers, peaceful caves, and glittering mines.
Interact in Surprising Ways

Interact in Surprising Ways

Chop trees, mine gems, plant crops, fish, build, pet the animals. Kindness rewards kindness, and cruelty rewards… well, you’ll see.
Make the Island Your Home

Make the Island Your Home

Express yourself by decorating your island, painting buildings, and customizing your avatar. There’s over 300 decorative items in the game!
Helping Hands are Always Near

Helping Hands are Always Near

Visit other player’s islands, or have other players come and visit you! Visitors are able to lend a hand, and everything they collect will also be shared with you.

Quest Rift

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My avatar is close to the ground. Is that a bug?

    We intentionally moved the avatar down a bit (around waist height) to bring you closer to the Nym and to make collecting items more comfortable.

    You can always click both thumbsticks at the same time to re-center your avatar to the intended huggable height.

  • What is the Spirit World? How to do I get to it?

    The Spirit World is the Pause and Settings menu in Raccoon Lagoon. Pressing the system button on the left controller will take you to the Spirit World.

    Once you have arrived in the Spirit World you can adjust your multiplayer and system settings, customize your avatar, and kick visitors from your island.

  • Does Raccoon Lagoon autosave?

    Raccoon Lagoon saves every time you go into the Spirit World (pause/settings menu), into or out of a building and at the end of each storm.

  • Does Raccoon Lagoon use Cloud Saves?

    At this time, Raccoon Lagoon does not use Cloud Saves.

  • Why is there poop on my island?

    Poop is given to the player when they do something that hurts the island inhabitants (Nym or other animal).

  • How do I stream Raccoon Lagoon?

    If you are on the Quest, streaming is automatically supported using Chromecast, Facebook or the Oculus App on your mobile device. Please note that streaming from the Quest is performance heavy and may affect your in-game experience.

    If you are on the Rift, you can stream just as you would any other VR game.