by Steve “Devgamer” Kramer, Lead Designer for Raccoon Lagoon


One of the things that thrills me about video games is the breadth and width of the fantasies that we can fulfill through them.  One day I’m a powerful wizard casting world shattering spells, and the next day I’m driving one of the most powerful cars ever engineered through a lush English countryside.  Every game is new adventure, a new world or a new side of me explored.

VR brings these fantasies ever closer. The threat of a zombie horde has new meaning in VR, and so does the idea of climbing a mountain. What does it mean to help, care and share though? This is what we aimed to find out in Raccoon Lagoon, the latest game from Hidden Path Entertainment.

At HPE, we take great pride in providing thrilling new VR experiences and making them feel comfortable and natural. In Raccoon Lagoon, we have created a pleasant place where you can explore, play, and nurture at your own pace. Your kindness is rewarded with kindness, your efforts help heal an island once forgotten, and you are rewarded for your curiosity around every corner.

In Raccoon Lagoon you are a helpful Island Spirit whose purpose is to help the marooned sailors known as the Nyms build and thrive on the island.  It’s up to you how you help them, but rest assured, the Nyms are not shy about telling you what they need! As you help the Nyms, you will find yourself exploring all over the island and helping them with activities like Fishing, Farming, Mining and Cooking. If you feel overwhelmed you can even ask a friend to come help and join your island. Don’t forget to return the favor and help them with theirs!

We are excited to announce the game will be launching on July 25, 2019 for both the Oculus Quest and RiftS!